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Bill Handel


Handel explores the meaning of everyone's favorite made up day - Valentine's Day

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Watch: Handel Takes the "Zerorez" Taste Test

    Handel decided to put his money where his mouth is - quite literally and take the *Zerorez taste test. Watch as Handel not only brushes his teeth with the "green" carpet...
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(2/12) Handel podcasts

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Donald Trump autographs baby

We're pretty sure this is a first in a presidential campaign. Watch  Donald Trump autograph a baby. Video Source:  YouTube
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Watch: Congressman Vapes On House Floor

A US congressman vaped on the House floor while he was legislating. Duncan Hunter, a Republican Congressman from San Diego, did it to make a point about the harms of vaping. Hunter is an ex...
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(2/11) Handel podcasts

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Remaining Oregon militia members say they will surrender today

The four remaining armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge in Oregon say they will surrender themselves in at 8am today, just hours after Cliven Bundy, father of protest leader Ammon Bundy, was...
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Watch: Road Rage "Instant Karma"

Credit:  Ivan Leon on YouTube This video, posted Jan. 22, shows just how fast road rage can possess and destroy you if you don't start those breathing exercises and take a chill...
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The crocheted Minion thong may be the perfect V-Day gift

So, a men's crocheted minion thong exists (PSA: It's almost Valentine's Day) — Mashable (@mashable) February 9, 2016...
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Watch: Handel Takes on "Sanders da Socialist" in Under 60secs

  Now that Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary, is he on his way to winning the White House? Not if Handel has anything to say about it. Watch as Bill literally throws...
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