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Bill Handel


Watch: Bill is not happy with Gary and Shannon

Bill is not happy with Gary and Shannon and you can help fix the problem -- right now!
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Pamela Plays for Charity

Bill's daughter is doing a 24-hour marathon to raise money for our favorite charity, Caterina's Club
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Let's Talk about Death

This week, we featured three, in-depth segments about death
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Legally blind boy sees mother for the first time

New technology allowed a 12-year-old Virginia boy to see his mother for the very first time
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Watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Try to Flip Police Car & Do Donuts Outside Trump's OC Rally

Check out these anti-Trump protesters attempting to flip a police car outside Donald Trump’s rally in Costa Mesa.
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Watch: Suspected Bomber in Panda Suit Shot on Live TV (*Warning: Disturbing Footage*)

A police sniper shot a man who walked into a TV station lobby wearing a full animal costume and surgical mask and displaying what appeared to be an explosive device on his chest, authorities said...
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Watch: 'Mad Max'-Style ISIS Truck Blown Apart by Syrian Kurds

Check out the terrifying moment a 'Mad Max' ISIS suicide bomber truck hurtles towards enemy soldiers…
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Costco is raising membership prices, Clark explains why it's still a GREAT deal.
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Woman says Family Dollar clerk refused to serve her because she is gay

The woman says the clerk was loudly speaking about her disdain for gay people when she spoke up
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Watch: Pedophile Symbols You Need to Know to Protect Your Children

Check out the symbols that pedophiles use to signal their sordid sexual preferences on social media.
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