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Bill Handel

Senior Airplane Stowaway Arrested Again!


(NEWSER) – A persistent stowaway "fixated on flying" was arrested again at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday just hours after a court ordered her to stay away unless she had a boarding pass, police say. The airport's chief of police says fliers of 62-year-old Marilyn Hartman had been distributed to airport police and staff. "It's a big deal when anyone tries to avoid security, be it a 62-year-old grandmother or a 24-year-old terrorist," he tells the Los Angeles Times, adding that "not in my backyard she's getting on a plane without a ticket."

Hartman—who made it from San Jose to LAX without a ticket this week—was seen wandering through airport terminals for an hour in what police suspect was a scouting mission. After pleading no contest to a trespassing charge for the successful stowaway attempt, she promised to take a bus back to the Bay Area, where she is already barred from San Francisco International Airport. "Does she have a mental illness? She might, but she doesn't have what is defined as a major mental illness," a district attorney tells ABC.

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