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Cash Mob

Marriage Proposal At KFI's Cash Mob

Marriage Proposal At KFI's Cash Mob

Bethany Everson proposes to Christian Na at KFI's Cash Mob!

Here's some back story as told by Bethany to co-conspirator Aron Bender...

I met Christian Na in law school in 2008, during orientation. We were assigned the same "big sister" (an upperclassman to help us out.) Christian had his eye on me but I was oblivious. He did sweet things to get my attention. For example, I LOVE Mountain Dew, but Chapman Law is a Coke campus. He stocked the student government's refrigerator every day with Mountain Dew and brought me one every morning before class. He did sweet stuff like that.

He asked me to law prom in February of 2009, and I fell for him. Instead of going out partying afterwards, he was content to come back to my house and watch "the office" with me (I'm not one for parties.) I realized he was a keeper.

He proposed Christmas Eve of 2010. I said yes. But things got difficult when we started studying for the bar. It was so stressful. We didn't have jobs, the job market was bleak, and I failed the bar the first time by 1 POINT! (I actually announced this on the Tim Conway Jr. Show at the live remote at the White House!)

I gave him back the ring and said I'm not ready emotionally and we are not ready financially. He was devastated. But we stayed together and I told him when the time was right, I'll ask him.

He is dying to get married, so I know he'll say yes...

And he did! Congratulations to the happy couple! 

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