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Investment Boot Camp

Investment Boot Camp Sessions

Investment Boot Camp Sessions

My First Ever Stock Market Investment Boot Camp, a series of Six online classes, two hours each, that will teach anyone who's wanted to learn how to successfully invest in stocks, ETFs and DRIPs but does not have the time nor the desire to get a PhD in finance!

You've asked for it and here it is! The six sessions will cover:



Topics Covered


Session 1

April 26th
10 a.m. PST

  What ARE stocks and why we need to learn to invest in them? I'll teach you all you need to know about the stock market to have it work for you.



Session 2

May 24th
10 a.m. PST

  How to discover the hottest sectors and industries.

Session 3

June 28th
10 a.m. PST

  Finally, an easy-to-follow stock-buying checklist that will help you find that needle in the haystack.

Session 4

July 26th
10 a.m. PST

  Timing is everything. You'll learn how to read stock charts and identify buy signals.

Session 5

August 23rd
10 a.m. PST

  Knowing when to say good bye. After all, selling at the right time is just as important and that's how you lock it your profits.

Session 6

August 23rd
10 a.m. PST

  Putting it all together, how to open an online account to buy and sell stocks, how to form or join investment educational clubs and how to apply all the tools you have learned in this boot camp to make money in the market.

Investing in the stock market is one of the most effective ways we can insure our financial future. I can't wait to have you join the party. Get ready to profit from the market and laugh a lot along the way! The cost for all six sessions is $299 and includes a digital workbook for each session. In addition to the archived sessions, you will be able to participate in a special forum where you can interact with me as well as collaborate with other Boot Camp participants. Click the link below to register and secure your spot before we sell out! 

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