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AUDIO: Kelly Thomas Case

AUDIO: Kelly Thomas Case

These are unedited interviews with Walter Dieball - Kelly Thomas' grandfather, and Thomas' mother, Cathy Thomas.

Both were called by defense attorneys to verify they were attacked by Thomas. They agreed to speak with media minutes after they testified.

Walter Dieball, Thomas' 91 year-old grandfather:

Cathy Thomas, Dieball's daughter and Thomas' mother:

Here are the unedited versions of opening statements in the murder trial of Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli.

Opening Statements from OCDA Tony Rackaukas:

Opening statements by defense attorney John Barnett, who represents former Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos:

During the lunch break, it was observed that a representative from the OCDA's office was tapping into the pool feed provided by the Radio Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA). This is a violation of the pool rules and court media rules. Judge William Froeberg ordered all recording equipment out of the courtroom. As a result, Attorney Michael Schewartz' opening was not recorded (Schwartz represents Jay Cicinelli).

After court adjourned for the day, Schwartz agreed to speak to the media and give us an overview of his opening statements. This can be heard here.

Opening statements by defense attorney Michael Schwartz, who represents former Fullerton police officer Jay Cicinelli:

After the RTNA challenged the DA's office, DA Tony Rackauckas agreed to back off his objection to the pool set up. Judge Froeberg has since reversed his position and will allow cameras back in the courtroom for closing arguments and verdicts.

NOTE: You will hear an alternating high/low tone throughout the audio from Barnett and Schwartz. This is to prevent illegal downloading and posting.

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