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Success From Scratch


Success From A Hip Hop Musical

Hamilton is a huge Broadway hit and Lin Manuel Miranda's success story is amazing.
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Success From Scratch -- Coachella

Coachella is HUGE, but how did it all start?
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Success From Shakin'

Dr. Lucy Jones is a Southern California icon...and her story is one perfect for our Success From Scratch segment
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Success From American Idol

With the series ending, we decided to look back at how it started and what it created.
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Success From Cell Phone Forensics

Cellebrite is getting a lot of attention because of the Apple fight with the FBI.
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Success From Scratch Marketing Trend... Fempowerment!

There's a new word that is being used to inspire women and also as a way to market to them.... Fempowerment
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Success From Scratch -- John Sculley

The former Apple and Pepsi CEO joins Bill to talk about why this is probably the most exciting time to be in business.
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Success From Scratch!

ONE man is behind music's biggest hits in the last 20 years...and you probably have never heard of him.
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Success From Scratch -- Meathead Movers

Aaron Steed joins Bill to talk about the success of a company he and his brother started in high school.
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Success From A Shark -- Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran's success story is inspiring.
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